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We Handle;


  • Bimminy tops and Enclosures
  • Full Camper tops
  • Mooring covers
  • Storage covers
  • Winter covers
  • Recovering of cushions and seats


All covers are available in a variety of Materials such as SUNBRELLA ™, Top Gun, Sunforger, Poly backed Vinyls etc.


Heavy plastic Zippers are used for openings and joining of parts.



Window Plastic

There are several grades of window plastic available:

  • 20- gauge clear or tinted plastic
  • 30- gauge clear plastic
  • 30-gauge super clear plastic
  • 30-gauge Scratch Resistant plastic




Tubing used for the Framework can be made from 7/8″ Aluminum // 7/8″ or 1″ Stainless Steel. Fittings to join all of the frames together would be in either Nylon or Stainless Steel




Repairs can be made to most covers but I would need information on what work needs to be done to the cover. Zippers, windows, snap buttons, Frames and fittings can all be repaired or replaced as needed.


Most parts can be purchased for do-it-yourselfers or for supplying to someone in your area to do the work such as Sewing and installing fasteners into the Materials.

Sketched is a Typical Bimminy Top with notes for the purpose of ordering a Bimminy Top that can be installed by the customer in a short period of time. If you supply the following measurements I will be able to quote a price for manufacturing and supplying all parts needed to install it on your Boat. The measurements needed are:

  1. Height- (From floor to desired height for standing room)
  2. Height- (From where you would mount the Frame on the Deck)
  3. Width- (Width of Bimminy Top at Maximum Headroom)
  4. Length- (The over all area to be covered from front to back)